hardware and Networking Institute in Hyderabad

Name:B. Jeevaratnam.
Father’s Name: Krishnao Rao.
Native Place: Srikakulam.
Graduation: B.Tech.
Hi friends,
I am glad to Introduce myself to you all. I am Jeevaratnam, an ex-student of Jetking and my father’s name is Mr. B. Krishna Rao. I used to reside in Srikakulam. Being keen in joining a online computer training, I decided to relocate from Srikakulum to Hyderabad. Though it was a tough job to convince my parents but they did thinking about my secure future. I shifted to Hyderabad in the year 2013.
To keep up the trust of my parents and family I had to prove myself by giving my best to them. So I started my search for a best computer courses list which gives it certification courses in Hyderabad. I browsed for the same and enquired for the same for days together and finally found the best one after keeping in mind the reviews of various students. I got the best it training courses institute of my choice. Jetking was the name. It is having two centres in Hyderabad: ameerpet and dilsukhnagar, two main hubs of the city where we have all the facilities for people like me too who are non residents of Hyderabad.
Starting with Jetking, my learning’s were many and they provide the basics of networking & csc computer education. I learnt technical knowledge as well as communication skills at Jetking. Jetking changed my approach towards the subject. They taught me to behave well in corporate. They made me professionally strong.
My frank belief is that even a layman who doesn’t even know minimum Communication skills can face the world confidently with the knowledge that these computer training school provide. They also taught me how to crack interviews easily. Jetking apart from increasing bookish knowledge also gives practical knowledge on networking projects.
Jetking gave me the opportunity to go to Care IT Solutions as a Desktop Support Engineer. Later on i got a chance in Infotech as a Desktop Support Engineer with a CTC of 1,08,000. It was a pleasure working with these companies and knowledge from these Institute helped me a lot.
Examinations conducted and giving a computer networks notes at Jetking helped me a lot in building lot of confidence that I know the subject very well. Personality Development classes conducted regularly and helps the students a lot in all the fields in life, not only professionally but personally too.
I would like to tell you learn the networking concepts of the subject. Attend all the theoretical and practical classes so that you have the subject on your fingertips. Friends, work for satisfaction, experience and learnings. If you grasp them all good salary will automatically come to you. Give utmost priority to your knowledge and experience.
Something I want to say about the Jetking is that:
1) It increases subject Knowledge immensely.
2) Good future is assured.
3) Faculties are very good, trained and the teaching techniques they use are just worth five stars.
4) Good environment.
My suggestion to the students is that learn the subject perfectly and give your best during the campus placements in hardware jobs,so that your future is set and success is in your hands. Join Jetking for a secure future.
A sincere thanks to the Jetking team for giving me the best qualitative knowledge, preparing me for the competitive world and making my future bright. Thanks to the faculty who supported me immensely and put in all their efforts to give me a secure future.