101. The data rate of Parallel port (IEEE 1284) is
a. 2 Mbps
b. 4 Mbps
c. 6 Mbps
d. 8 Mbps


102. Pots can be used when monitors are set up for:
a. Maximum Contrast
b. Minimum Contrast
c. Maximum Brightness
d. Minimum Brightness


103. One of the following is not the correct form factor of the motherboard
a. Baby AT
b. Low Profile Extended
c. New Low Profile Extended
d. Advance Low Profile Extended


104. Socket 939 supports AMD Athlon 64 bit processors and AMD Athlon 64 FX processors
a. True
b. False


105. USB version 2.0 provides data transfer at the maximum speed of:
a. 560 Mbps
b. 480 Mbps
c. 512 Mbps
d. 610 Mbps


106. DVDs rotates counterclockwise and are recorded at a constant rate called:
a. Constant regular motion
b. Consistent Linear motion
c. Constant Linear velocity
d. Consistent Linear velocity

107. ATAPI is capable of supporting data transfer rates of upto:
a. 23 Mbps
b. 33 Mbps
c. 43 Mbps
d. 53 Mbps

108. The EIDE interface supports a maximum of _________hard drives on a system.
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 8

109. The SMPS consists of Primary rectifier and Secondary rectifier
a. True
b. False

110. The functional ICs used in SMPS are
a. IC TL 494 & IC LM 339
b. IC LL 696 & IC TM 465
c. IC MT 708 & IC LM 686
d. IC TT 576 & IC MM 786

111. PC/XT compatible motherboard has ______ DIP socket.
a. 4 pin
b. 6 pin
c. 8 pin
d. 10 pin

112. AGP 4x operates at ________Mhz and transfer the data with a maximum of ______Mbps

a. 256 & 1024
b. 276 & 1064
c. 256 & 1056
d. 266 & 1066

113. The maximum clock speed of PCI-X 2.0 is
a. 533 Mhz
b. 433 Mhz
c. 333 Mhz
d. 233 Mhz

114. The size of the Mini ITX motherboard is:
a. 170 mm long & 170 mm wide
b. 150 mm long & 150 mm wide
c. 130 mm long & 130 mm wide
d. 180 mm long & 180 mm wide

115. The full form of CMTS is:
a. Computer mode termination system
b. Complete mail transfer system
c. Cable modem termination system
d. Carrier mode transfer system

116. DSL is a technology that brings high-bandwidth information over ordinary copper telephone lines:
a. True
b. False

117. Firewire is also known as:
a. IEEE1394
b. IEEE1786
c. IEEE1566
d. IEEE 1666

118. SWAP drives allows to connect and disconnect drives to the system without shutting down the system
a. True
b. False

119. The common LPT port numbers range from:
a. LPT1 – LPT3
b. LPT4 – LPT6
c. LPT 7 – LPT9
d. LPT10 – LPT12

120. Molex connector used to provide
a. AC power to various drives within PC
b. DC power to various drives within PC
c. Increase the transmission power of a PC
d. Connection of USB on mother board

121. The full form of MNP is
a. Microsoft network protocol
b. Microcom network protocol
c. Modem network protocol
d. Motherboard network protocol

122. Platten knob is used to manually adjust the paper to start printing and to release the paper when it is jammed in the printer.
a. True
b. False

123. Passive terminator terminates the SCSI chain if the last drive on SCSI chain and the SCSI controller is less than:
a. .25 meter
b. 1 meter
c. .05 inch
d. .75 inch

124. PLCC is a ________________sided package in which an IC is installed.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

125. Nickle Cadmium is one of the type of battery used in Laptops:
a. True
b. False

126. The PCMCIA card has a _________pin connector that connects it to a slot in laptop:
a. 68 pin
b. 72 pin
c. 56 pin
d. 102 pin

127. Wide SCSI is used to transmit data over a ________bit bus
a. 128
b. 64
c. 32
d. 16

128. UXGA display standard used in PC monitors having a screen resolution of
a. 400X1600 pixels
b. 1600X1200 pixels
c. 800X1600 pixels
d. 1200X400 pixels

129. The distance between each pin in the RIMM package is:
a. 025 mm
b. .50 mm
c. .75 mm
d. 1 mm

130. One long beep and 3 short beeps signifies
a. RAM error
b. Audio error
c. Video error
d. Cache error

131. Logical memory stores data in the form of:
a. files
b. folders
c. binary
d. bits

132. RDRAM transfers data at the speed of:
a. 1200 mhz
b. 800 mhz
c. 512 mhz
d. 256 mhz

133. The AMR slot is bigger than PCI and AGP slot
a. True
b. False

134. The most common chipsets available today are
a. 915
b. 845
c. 945
d. 935

135. The output of SFX power supply unit is:
a. 110 W
b. 90 W
c. 120 W
d. 80 W

136. A portion of hard disk that functions as a separate unit of storage
a. Partition
b. Volume
c. Tracks
d. Sectors

137. What is the most important feature to look for when, replacing the mouse?
a. color
b. the manufacturer and model number
c. connector
d. the number of buttons

138. The USB port can supply power for a device?
a. True
b. False

139.What can cause laser-jet printer to print too light?
a. Malfunctioning high-voltage DC power supply.
b. Too much humidity in the air.
c. Printing on wrong side of paper.
d. Malfunctioning transfer corona

140. Which CPU socket 7-based?
a. Pentium II
b. Pentium I
c. AMD Athlon
d. Pentium MMX

141. What is the newest type of serial bus architecture?
a. ATA
b. ST-506
c. DVD
d. USB

142. What is the maximum distance for a 10Base2 segment?
a. 330 meters
b. 100 meters
c. 185 meters
d. 1000 meters

143. What is the smallest storage access unit on an IDE hard drive?
a. Sector
b. Cylinder
c. Partition
d. Track

144. When powering on a system, you receive a keyboard error. What generates this message?
c. CMS

145. How many pins does a standard IDE connector have?
a. 34
b. 40
c. 68
d. 50

146. When you arrive at the customer’s desk the computer is giving a continuous beep noise that will not stop. What is the problem?
a. Improper driver was loaded on the hard drive
b. Virus was down loaded from the internet
c. BIOS on the motherboard was corrupted
d. A key on the key board is stuck in the down position

147. What would cause the error message “Bad or missing operating system at boot up”?
a. A bad floppy drive cable connection
b. Slave hard drive not powered up
c. Missing or corrupt boot sector
d. No CD-ROM

148. A NIC that has an ST or SC connector on it is an example of?
a. Fiber Optic
b. Thin Net
c. IR
d. Twisted Pair

148. Which protocol requires unique addressing through software configuration?
a. AppleTalk
b. NetBEUI
d. IPX

149. The CD-ROM does not work on your system. You suspect that the CD-ROM is not getting the proper voltage. What should you use to test the power connector?
a. Multimeter
b. High voltage probe
c. Loop back tester
d. Continuity Tester

150. What is the first program to run during a system boot sequence?

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