Smart lab plus is a unique training methodology which helps to learn the subject with fun faster and easier. According to human psychology a person can’t concentrate on an object for more than 20 mins. It is designed such a way to retain the concentration for every frequency. It consist of many activities to make the learners to come back to the line of subject.
It has many components such as,
Hands-on practicals is the most efficient and power full learning tool which makes a learner to more confidant.
Yoga which helps them to get more concentration and relaxness before starting the class.
JOST is an Digitized subject where the learner can access from any where in the world and the trainer will follow only this to have more transparency for subject Smart Tech has sub components like Clapping, shuffling, Group Discussions, Presentations, Mind-maps to have more efficiency in learning.
More Revision will help weak learners to understand the subject as many time as they can attend.
Jet Egde is an additional service which we are giving other than the technical subject. we train students to enhance their skills in technology and personality development and Communication skills.
Smart Lab plus

More Revision

According to Ebinghaus Curve of Forgetting, our brain follows a downward graph when it comes to retaining information. The one method to overcome this is the periodic reviewing of the concept. Our teaching methods involve recurring revisions through various means, such as practices, quizzes, student presentations and more. Our e-learning method also allows students to revisit topics as per their convenience.
More revision


Practicals are a great way to fully understand the theoretical concepts and also to practical labs are an ideal place for the students to apply their skills and knowledge in practice. Our practical sessions also include 500 interview questions which enable students to face real interviews with utmost confidence.
Hands on Practicals

Smart Tech

The human brain follows certain patterns when it comes to grasping and retaining information. At Jetking, we use these patterns to design our study methodology. Techniques like Mind Maps are used to link random ideas based around a central concept, while Window Pane uses association with a series of images and keywords to improve retention. Triad Review is another popular method which involves students reviewing concepts through questions developed, answered and corrected by different groups of students.
group discussion


Jost is our dynamic e-Learning software that enables responsive learning. It provides a robust environment to deploy and manage e-Learning courses as well as to create and deliver tests and assessments. Students can login, collaborate and take their online course. Using this delivery platform, I faculty can conduct classes, Record attendance and conduct exams.


In the real world, a winning personality is just as important as technical skills. Which is why at Jetking, we incorporate English Speaking and Personality Development in our courses. Our program focuses on honing our students’ communication skills, so they can make the most of their potential. Improved vocabulary, expert grooming and mock interviews give students the confidence to chase their dreams.
Hardware instruments


At Jetking, We Incorporate the ancient wisdom of yoga into our teaching methodology. The unique asanas and breathing techniques of yoga are known to calm the mind, relieve tension and improving focus. This practically greatly helps our engineers in improving retention power, thus boosting the overall performance.
International yoga day