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Computers Motherboard is the most important component of a system. It is a Printed Circuit Board where all the Computer components of a system are connected. the central processing motherboard by means of socket, slots and connections. Generally a motherboard chipset controls the features and abilities of the motherboard. The chipset is very important for the operation of the system.

Motherboard Jetking

Types of Motherboards:

Motherboards, the capacity and efficiency of motherboards differ according to the type of system you use. Motherboards are classified depending on the devices they support:
1. Integrated.
2. Non-Integrated

Motherboards which have all the ports for connecting various devices on board are known as Integrated motherboards. All the latest desktop, server and laptop boards are of the integrated type. Motherboards which do nit support connecting devices are known as Non-Integrated motherboards. Older desktop and server motherboards were of non integrated types.
Otherwise motherboards are classified on the basis where it is used:
1. Desktop Motherboards.
2. Server Motherboards.
3. Laptops Motherboards.

Desktop Motherboards:

Desktop CPU motherboards are used in personal or desktop computers. As it is used for applications at home and in office, this type of motherboards is the most basic type which is shown in below figure.


Server Motherboards:

Server motherboards are more advanced than desktop motherboards and are designed to offer high-end services which are more reliable and ready to operate in 24*7 environments. These motherboards support expansion and future upgrades and can handle major applications. Server motherboards also offer multiple sockets,slots and connectors as compared to desktop motherboards to support more number of devices for redundancy.

server motherboard

Laptop Motherboards:

Laptop motherboards is used to connect different parts of a laptop system. These motherboards generally have very advanced features as compared to the desktop motherboards and most of the functions have been integrated into the laptop motherboards.

Laptop Motherboard

Manufacturers of Motherboard:

Motherboards are available in various sizes and configurations. Some motherboards support 32 and 64 bit processor as well as operating systems. It is manufactured by many companies such as Asus, Intel, MSI and Gigabyte. Every company manufactures boards with certain standard configuration. These motherboards support only certain types of peripheral devices configuration. The boards manufactured by the various companies are mentioned below.

a). Asus Motherboard

Asus Tek Incorporation develops many products such as motherboards, graphic cards, networking support, notebooks and wireless networking support. Asus manufactures motherboards that support different types of processors such as Intel and AMD. The motherboards manufactured by Asus support 64 bit computing technology. The specifications of different motherboards manufactured by this company are mentioned in below.

Asus motherboard

b). Intel Motherboards:

Intel motherboard manufactures processors, mother boards and graphic cards. Intel motherboards are available in various configurations and different from factors. motherboards are available in two types namely desktop and server boards. The specification and comparison of the various motherboards manufactured by Intel is listed in below,

Intel Motherboard

c). MSI Motherboards

MSI is well known for its high performance designs and cutting edge products. From the beginning, MSI has had prided in delivering and performance driven technological innovation. The specification and comparison of the various motherboards manufactured by MSI is listed in below table,


d). Gigabyte Motherboards:

Gigabyte motherboards Technology manufactures , graphics cards, other peripheral devices, networking devices, computer and other home equipments. Gigabyte manufactures motherboards that are available for different types of processors Intel and AMD. The newer version of the board support the latest processors such as the core processors and the 64 bit processors. The list of the various motherboards manufactured by Gigabyte is mentioned below,
Other motherboards which are not listed are BIOSTAR, ECS and ZOTAC.


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