Hi Everyone, In previous post we discussed about “Learn difference between Wireless Mouse and Mirosoft Mouse” and today i am here with a new blog post called “how to trouble shoot Keyboard and mouse”. Kindly go through this.

Troubleshooting the Keyboard

The keyboard must be handled with a lot of care. You must not spill liquids or food Particles on the keyboard. However, the keyboard is largely a trouble-free device if handled properly.

Troubleshooting Keyboard

Computer Displays Keyboard Error

This type of error mostly occurs when the connection or the configuration of the keyboard is faulty.
To solve this problem:
1. Check if the keyboard is connected properly to the computer.
2. Check connector pins and see if any pin is bent.
3. Turn the keyboard over and hit gently to dislodge any dirt or pin stuck beneath the keys.
4. Properly reconnect the keyboard.
5. Ensure that no key is pressed or stuck when the system is starting up.
6. If the keyboard does not work, connect the keyboard to another computer and if it works.
7. If still the keyboard does not work, check the port and connector which is connected from keyboard controller on the motherboard to the port to check for loose connection or damage.
8. If the keyboard controller is damaged, you may have to replace the keyboard controller or the entire motherboard.

Keyboard is stuck

If the keys on the keyboard seem sticky, it is possible that the keyboard is dirty. If you or drink around the computer, you may drop substances onto the keyboard. Follow steps mentioned below :

Keyboard is stuck

1. Turn the keyboard over and hit gently to dislodge any dirt or pin stuck beneath keys.
2. Clean the keyboard by blowing compressed air under the keys. This will remove the dry particles stuck underneath. This will also dry any spilt liquid.
3. If you spill any sticky liquid on the keyboard, compressed air will not help mti0- this case, the best option is to remove one key at a time and clean underneath.

Trouble shooting the Mouse

The mouse is a simple device, but It can give rise to a lot of problems if it is not handled with care. You must always be careful not to spill liquids or other substances around the mouse. Follow the troubleshooting steps in a systematic manner to solve Problems with the mouse.

Troubleshooting the mouse

Mouse is not moving properly This problem is mostly caused by dirt in the mouse. Dust and particles may accumulate inside the mouse and cause problematic movements. The mouse may also function incorrectly because of problems with the connection or the cable.

To solve this problem:
1. Check the cable of the mouse to ensure that it is properly connected to the computer Also ensure that is it not excessively twisted or bent.
2. If the connection is tight and secure, observe the bottom of the mouse and find which direction to rotate the mouse cover.
3. Rotate the mouse cover in the proper direction and remove it.
4. Remove the mouse ball and clean it with a soft wet cloth. Keep it aside in a clean dry place. Be very careful not to drop it. If the mouse ball falls, it will ruin the functionality of the mouse.
5. Clean the rollers inside the mouse with a cotton swab in a very gentle manner. Clean the rollers in a horizontal manner. Remove all the dirt’s and particles.
6. Replace the ball inside the mouse and turn the cover back on.
7. Clean the mouse pad with a damp cloth. A clean mouse pad helps the mouse to move in a smooth manner.
8. If the mouse still does not function properly, repeat the cleaning process.
9. Try to connect the mouse to another computer and check if works. Also, Cross-check by connecting another mouse to the computer.
10. If the mouse does not function properly even after repetitive cleaning, it is possible that there is a hardware problem with the mouse. In this case, contact the manufacturer or replace the device.
11. In case of optical mouse, check the surface on which mouse is placed. It should not be shiny or reflective e.g. mirror as DSP cannot work properly on these surfaces.

Left button of Mouse is not working Properly

Sometimes, The left button of the mouse does not work properly as this button is mostly by the user.

Mouse not working

1. Open the mouse
2. Dab one or two drops of head cleaning solution on the left switch.
3. Use a small minus screw driver to press the button twice or thrice to soften the switch.
4. Reassemble the mouse and check whether the problem has resolved.
5. Otherwise replace the left button switch with the right one by desoldering and soldering the same as right button switch is less used compared to the left one.
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