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Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse in 1963. It is a device that enables computer user to move the cursor or pointer to a specific point on the screen. It is called the mouse because the appearance and movement are very similar to that of the mouse When you move the mouse, the cursor on the screen also moves in the same direction A mouse can have two or three buttons, each of which performs a different function Modern mice also include a scroll button that makes it easier to read long documents.

Jetking Mouse

The mouse is the most used input device after the keyboard. The usage of the mouse greatly reduces the extent of usage of the keyboard. The mouse is particularly important for Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications, where In you point to an option or object on the screen and click the appropriate mouse button. You can also use the drawing objects on the screen by using the mouse as a pencil or paintbrush.

Identifying Different Types of Mice:

To identify different types of mice we need to check the following things:
a). Working
b). Interface
Working of a mouse depends on how the cursor moves on the screen either by using mechanical assembly or by using light signal. Mice that use mechanical assembly to move the cursor on the screen are called mechanical mouse and mice that use optical (light) signal to move the cursor on the screen are called optical mouse.

Mechanical Mice:

A Mechanical mouse translates motion into directional It has a ball and a pair of rollers. By the help of these components the cursor moves on the screen. As there is a moving part i.e. mouse ball and it physically contacts with the roller so the cursor movement is not so accurate.

Mechanical Mouse

More dust is accumulated on the rollers as the mouse ball picks up the dust from the surface and transfers the same to the rollers. So it is necessary to clean the mechanical mouse on a regal at interval for smooth Operation.

Optical Mice

An optical mouse uses LEO technology to detect the movement of the mouse. it is the most accurate and precise type of mouse. The optical mouse has no moving Parts and uses camera technology and digital processing to compare and track the position of the mouse, rather than a ball and rollers used on older mice.

optical Mouse

As there are no moving parts in optical mice, almost no maintenance or regular cleaning is required Another benefit is that digital processing often results in smoother, mot’ accurate performance than prior technologies. Optical mice typically don’t require a move pad and can be used on many surfaces, including those that are not entirely flat.

Difference Between Mechanical Mouse and Optical Mouse:

Difference between Mechanical Mouse and Optical Mouse

Laser Based Optical Mice

Laser Based Optical Mice

A new technology has recently emerged piggy backing off of the LED optical mouse. The laser based optical mouse works similar to the LED based optical mouse. It uses a lay instead of a LED. The benefit is that because it uses a laser beam, the mouse can track much better, giving the user ultimately better response times, tracking and the ability be used on more surfaces.

Wireless Interface

In case of wireless mouse interface, mice are connected to the system using either infrared or Bluetooth technology.

Cordless Mouse

Cordless mice establishes an infrared or radio link with a transceiver (transmitter/received is connected to the computer through a cable. Cordless mice are very convenient and easy to use. Cordless mice operate on batteries. shows a cordless mouse in below.

Cordless Mice

Bluetooth Mouse

Bluetooth mouse connects with PC through Bluetooth technology. It provides freedom to work anywhere up to or within range. It controls your computer up to 30 feet from your notebook or desktop.

Bluetooth Mice

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